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Welcome to JM Financial Strategies online! We are an independent financial firm that has been helping the good people of the San Diego area establish and maintain their long-term financial goals since 1960.

If you're a current client, you'll find links to access your account, email our team, get up-to-date information about the stock markets, and view useful resources that can help empower you to be a more knowledgeable investor (the kind we like!).

We understand that investing is more than just a numbers game. There's emotion involved as well. People assign different values to money and approach investing for many reasons. The so-called "best" investments aren't necessarily the best for everyone. When we first get to know each other, we'll ask you a lot of questions so that we can learn about you as a person, and we'll tailor your investments accordingly. We want to be just as excited about your dreams as you are.

At JM Financial Strategies, we follow prudent financial principles. We treat your money responsibly. As your needs or financial picture changes, we'll work with you to adjust your course of action accordingly. We monitor your portfolio's performance so you don't have to worry.

We appreciate your interest in JM Financial Strategies and sincerely look forward to serving you.

Terence T. Tunnell, CFP, CPA and Tina G. Huston, CFP, EA

Terence T. Tunnell, CFP®, CPA and Tina G. Huston, CFP®, EA

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2014-2020, 2022, 2023 Five Star Wealth Manager Award, created by Five Star Professional. The 2023 award was presented in 12/2022 based on data gathered within 12 months preceding the issue date. 2,125 advisors were considered, 211 advisors were recognized. Advisors pay a fee to hold out marketing materials. Not indicative of advisor’s future performance. Your experience may vary. For more information, please visit